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The RCIA gathers and disseminates independent and impartial information to residential ratepayers about issues related to utility energy. The RCIA believes that creating a pool of independent and impartial information helps residential ratepayers make better informed decisions about BC Gov’t policy, utility performance, and personal decisions affecting the home.

RCIA: A Source of Impartial and Independent Information

RCIA maintains a library of Special Topic whitepapers that explore utility energy issues in more depth and publishes a quarterly newsletter that focuses on relevant topics of today (e.g. Site-C, Utility decarbonization etc.). All publications are written in clear and concise language that hopefully makes complex utility energy issues accessible to all. After all, since you pay the bills, you have a right to know the issues driving the charges seen on your bills.

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Special Topics

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Information pieces are special topics that will be posted here. Please watch for upcoming items regarding Utilities 101 and Site C. Please let us know of special topics of interest to you.

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