Representing BC’s residential energy customers

The Residential Consumer Intervener Association (RCIA) acts in a transparent and non-discriminatory manner to represent the varied interests of residential energy consumers in the BC Utilities Commission’s (BCUC) public proceedings and hearings. The RCIA’s primary goal is to ensure the safety and reliability of energy utility services, and that the residential ratepayers and the public interest are adequately represented in BCUC proceedings because BCUC decisions will affect the rates residential consumers pay.

BC utility customers cooking with natural gas and operating electric powered clothes dryer

Representing residential energy consumers in British Columbia, the Residential Consumer Intervener Association (RCIA) was established in January 2021 to represent BC’s residential electricity, natural gas, and other regulated energy consumers (e.g. district heating). The RCIA fulfills this mandate through:

Intervention: Intervening in proceedings before the British Columbia Utilities Commission.

Education: Gathering and disseminating independent and impartial information to residential ratepayers about issues related to utility energy.

Outreach: Understanding the needs and concerns of residential ratepayers, including, but not limited to, the trade-offs between utility cost, service quality and risk.

Impartiality: Balancing varied residential ratepayer interests while maintaining an impartial approach to technology, business solutions, and utility options that is based upon evidence-based decision making.